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The goal of the Newbury College Student Success Center is to provide resources and support to students and alumni while encouraging personal growth, academic achievement and lifelong success. Our staff of academic counselors, career counselors, professors, and tutors are here to guide students through their academic pursuits, career placements, and life beyond their time at Newbury College.


The Student Success Center is located on the first and second floors of the Academic Center. The reception desk is on the first floor right as you enter the center from the main hallway. Both the first and second floors offer individual and group study space, several Macs and PCs, as well as printers and copiers. Offices for academic counselors, career counselors, and tutors are also located on both floors.


The center has three designated group study rooms that may be reserved by faculty or students for academic purposes.

There are 9 Mac computers and 22 Windows-powered machines located throughout the first and second floor of the center. Additionally, there are 16 laptops that students may borrow from the front desk during the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. These computers support majors such as Interior Design, and extend the classroom of the Design courses into the Center which also houses gallery and display space.

There are three machines students can use for printing or making photocopies. One is located on the first floor, one is on the second floor at the top of the stairs, and the last one is on the second floor by the tutoring center.

Mary Barrow Tutoring and Learning Center

The Mary Barrow Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) within the Center is staffed by professional peer tutors for all courses. There is designated private space for testing accommodations; tutors who are specifically assigned to English Composition courses are embedded in the classroom and the writing center.Students can request tutoring for all courses. We can help with specific assignments and review of course content, writing papers, math skills, efficient reading comprehension methods, study techniques, and ways to enhance memory and concentration.

Students may drop by or make appointments for individual or small group tutoring sessions. Faculty members may refer students to the Center for tutoring.  The Tutoring and Learning Center is open Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Students may schedule evening hours by appointment.

Writing Assistance

Students can receive help with all types of writing assignments, from short essays to longer research papers. We can help at every stage of the writing process, from choosing a topic, through drafting, revising, and editing. Help is also available for word processing / computer application skills.

Disability Support Services

Each semester, we work with students with physical or learning disabilities. Accommodations and services may include reduced course load, extended time/alternative testing, readers and scribes, individual proctoring of exams, and learning strategies instruction.

Academic Counseling

Professional academic counselors meet individually with students who require structured academic support. These include students who are not meeting academic progress standards, first-year students identified during the admission process, and others who request this service. Counselors provide assistance with goal-setting, study skills, time management, and learning strategies instruction. The staff is available to help all students address academic concerns, whether these relate to coursework, curricular requirements, or individual learning needs.

Academic Counselors are located on the second floor and available for appointments with students throughout the year.

Experiential Education & Career Services

The Career Center on the first floor includes areas for videotaping mock interviews and for doing real-time interviews with prospective internship sites and employers. The Career Center also supplies handouts for students to help guide them through creating a successful resume, properly preparing for an interview, and listings of upcoming events and job openings.

Additional Services

Extended space in the building includes The Office of Health and Counseling Services and the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CELT), along with display cases for showcasing student work and additional study space. There is a Starbucks cafe down the hall which provides additional casual seating and meeting place. The Margaret M. Winslow Library and circulation desk are located on the ground floor beneath the Center. Here, students may speak with the circulation staff to borrow books and find books on reserve for specific classes. The Library operates during the same hours as the Center.

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