Security & Fire Safety

In compliance with the Student Right to Know/ Campus Security Act, Newbury College makes available to the public its on-campus crime statistics for the last three calendar years. Federal legislation requires that on-campus occurrences for any of the criminal offenses, be accounted for and documented. Data concerning on-campus arrests involving alcohol, drugs or weapons must also be included. For more detailed Clery Act report information, please view the Newbury College Clery Survey. This report is also provided online to the Department of Education.

For a copy of the Annual Fire Safety Reports, please view the Newbury College Fire Data as well as Newbury College Fire Survey. A paper copy of this brochure may be attained from the Director of Campus Safety.

Campus Safety Department
Student Center
129 Fisher Ave. Brookline, MA 02445

Residence Halls

Newbury College offers housing on the Brookline campus in three residence halls; Edwards Hall, Mitton House and Weltman Hall. Additionally, the College offers satellite housing very near to the Brookline campus at Audubon House, and Brookline Manor. This is your home away from home. The following advice will make it a safer place to live and can help you protect your property.

  • Lock your door, even if you think you will only be gone a short time.
  • Lock your door when you are asleep or when your door is closed. Don’t leave your door unlocked just because you think your roommate doesn’t have a key,
  • Do not prop open residence hall entrance or fire doors.
  • Be aware of unfamiliar persons in or around college buildings or parking areas. Report any such people to the Campus Safety Department immediately.

Reporting an Incident

To report a crime that is not of an emergency nature, you may call 617-730-7160. Ask to speak to the supervisor on duty. The Campus Safety Supervisor will then instruct you in how to report the incident.  Try to remember as many details as possible. Never, ever put your personal safety at risk in an attempt to stop an incident.

Access to Facilities

A valid Newbury College ID is required for access to the Student Center (including the Student Lounge and the 24-hour Computer Lab) and all residence halls after 8 p.m. Guests of resident students are required to sign-in with Campus Safety and need to show proper identification to be welcomed as a guest. Once on campus, all visitors must be accompanied by their student host.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Alcohol: The use of alcoholic beverages on campus by students is prohibited. This regulation will be strictly enforced. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include fine, suspension or immediate dismissal, and does not preclude other action being taken by law enforcement agencies.

Drugs and Narcotics: Newbury College, as a responsible segment of the society in which it exists, and as an educational institution chartered within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, neither permits nor condones the use or sale of illegal drugs or narcotics. Possession of any drug paraphernalia is prohibited. Violators are subject to disciplinary procedures including dismissal from the residence hall system and /or the College as well as to criminal prosecution under state and federal laws.

Weapons Policy

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts statutes and municipal ordinances prohibit the possession of firearms, fireworks or any other device of an explosive nature on College property. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires a one year mandatory prison sentence for unregistered possession of a handgun, rifle or shotgun. The College prohibits the possession on its premises of any bow and arrow, hunting knife, sling shot, BB gun, air rifle, martial arts weapons, mace, pepper spray or any derivative thereof.

Parking Policy

Resident students are not allowed to have a vehicle on campus. Commuter students must obtain a parking sticker from Campus Safety. These stickers are free of charge. Campus Safety Officers ticket and  tow unauthorized vehicles on a regular basis at the owners’ expense.

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