Resident Assistant Job Description

Student Discipline

  • Educate students on College Housing policies and procedures. RAs are expected to learn and understand the judicial process.
  • Document all alleged infractions within 24 hours of occurrence. All documentation must be submitted to the Director of Residence Life & Community Standards. 


  • Complete paperwork in accordance with program and funding requests. (paperwork consists of program proposals, occupancy reports, incident reports and work orders).
  • Maintain current, timely bulletin boards and posters with relevant information.
  • Disseminate timely information as designated by the Office of Residence Life.
  • Serve on duty in the RA duty rotation. 
  • Check mailbox daily and assume duty as assigned.
  • Assist in the opening and closing of all residence halls.

Community Development

  • Execute all Residence Life programming requirements. 
  • Assist with roommate conflicts and meditations. 
  • Assist residents with becoming connected to the Newbury College community.
  • Be available as a resource to their residents and be present on their floor.

Office of Residence Life Staff

  • As a member of the Office of Residence Life, staff will conduct themselves as an employee of the college. Attend all training periods which includes a training session in August and a training session in January. RAs will also attend all weekly staff meeting and in-services. 
  • Maintain open dialogue between your residents and fellow RAs and supervisors. Lead by example by not participating in gossip or rumors. RAs act as role models for the community and are held to higher standards. 
  • RAs receive information on a need to know basis and are expected to maintain confidentiality. 
  • Practice good time management skills, devoting a healthy amount of time to academic pursuits, and the RA position. All extra-curricular activities are considered secondary to your position. The direct RA supervisor must approve outside paid positions. In times of conflict the RA position will take priority.
  • Be knowledgeable of the contents of the Resident Assistant manual.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors.
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