The September 25, 2018 President's Speaker Series with Dr. Emilio Rabasa-Gamboa

Dr. Emilio Rabasa-Gamboa, the Consul General of Mexico in Boston, discussed how Mexico has transformed itself since the late 20th century and the results of its 2018 election.

Dr. Emilio Rabasa-Gamboa Presents "How Mexico Transformed Itself and the Historic 2018 Election"

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On September 25, 2018, the President's Speaker Series was honored to feature Dr. Emilio Rabasa-Gamboa, the Consul General of Mexico in Boston.  In his capacity as Consul General, Dr. Rabasa-Gamboa assists Mexican citizens living in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hamsphire, Rhode Island and Vermont and promotes Mexican culture in these New England states.  Prior to this role, he served as Mexico's Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS), practiced law in his home country and was a professor and researcher at the Institute for Legal Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  He is also an author of several books on law and politics.

For his presentation to our students, faculty and staff, Dr. Rabasa-Gamboa highlighted how Mexico has vastly transformed itself since the 1970's.  He illustrated how Mexico has transitioned from an authoritarian, one-party system to a democracy, from an antiquated legal system to a more modern, accusatory trial system and from a closed domestic market to a globally competitive market.  He also explained how these political and economic changes paved the way for Mexico to become a larger player on the international stage.

After providing the College with such a comprehensive, yet quick history of Mexico and its dynamic relationship with the U.S., the Consul General spoke about Mexico's July 1,  2018 election, which was one of the largest in the nation's history.  The presidency, 128 Senate seats, 500 Chamber of Deputies seats, nine governorships and hundreds of local-level positons were on the ballot.  This election resulted in a significant shift to the left, with the presidency and a majority of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies seats going to MORENA, a social democratic party with minimal power prior to the 2018 election.  The Consul General attributed MORENA's electoral success to the Mexican people's desire for change, for freedom from governmental corruption.

The Consul General concluded his presentation by engaging the students, faculty and staff in a lively Q&A session that emphasized how elections have global effects. Thus, our students learned how political systems shape the world and the importance of their own votes.


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