Student Feature: Julia Leggett ’18 to Attend Graduate School in Portland

Congratulations to Julia Leggett ’18 on her acceptance to Portland State University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program.

Student Feature: Julia Leggett ’18 to Attend Graduate School in Portland

Apr. 2, 2018 – Congratulations to Julia Leggett ’18 on her acceptance to graduate school. Leggett has elected to attend Portland State University for their Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She says, “I chose this particular program because it will give me the opportunity to work within my community and advocate for mental health and positive change.” Leggett hopes to become a licensed mental health counselor.

As a psychology major at Newbury, Leggett decided graduate school was the best path to achieve her professional goals. “I think graduate school will really challenge me, help me grow more as a student and overall person, and will allow me to make a lot of professional connections that can help me in the future.”

Leggett says she is excited to make this next step: “The number of students in my program (13) is pretty small so I'm looking forward to meeting, connecting, and learning with everyone. I'm probably most excited about learning more, utilizing what I learn in actual experiences with clients, and taking the next step forward in my career.”

According to the PSU website, “The curricular experience of the CMHC Master’s degree is organized around core foundation courses, an intensive on-campus practicum training clinic experience, interpersonal growth experiences, advanced theory and practice courses, and a culminating half-time field internship placement.”

Leggett feels Newbury effectively prepared her to take on this challenge. She says, “I have gained a lot from my classes as a psychology major and I'm so thankful for all of the professors I've had and how much time they dedicate to what they do, especially the psychology and social science professors that I've been able to learn from.”

Dr. Hannah Levertov and Dr. Laurie Gordy agree that Leggett is capable of success in graduate school and beyond. Dr. Levertov says, “Julia is committed to both personal and professional growth and seeks out opportunities in both academic and extra-curricular life. She is hard-working, diligent, bright, respectful, and open to developing new perspectives. Julia shows great potential as a "psychologist/counselor" in training, displaying a strong sense of integrity, values, interpersonal sensitivity and insight.”

Dr. Gordy adds, “Julia Leggett has a passion for social justice as well as strong analytical and problem-solving skills—she is a participant in the Honors Program and also serves in student leadership roles on campus. Given my observations of Julia both inside and outside the classroom, I know she will excel in graduate school and continue to make a difference in the lives of others throughout her future career.”


Overall, Leggett says, “Newbury has given me the opportunity to get involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and has allowed me to become more assertive and grow as a student/overall person. Newbury has helped me realize what I'm passionate about and that I want to work within communities to affect positive change.”

Newbury wishes Leggett luck with the end of her senior year and her pursuit of a graduate degree and counseling career.




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