Faculty Feature: Dr. Brendan O’Malley, Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Brendan O’Malley joined the Newbury Community for the Fall 2016 semester and is an Assistant Professor of History and HU100 professor

Faculty Feature: Dr. Brendan O’Malley, Assistant Professor of History

Feb. 26, 2018 – Dr. Brendan O’Malley joined the Newbury Community for the Fall 2016 semester. He is an Assistant Professor of History in the School of Arts & Sciences as well as one of the Foundations of Liberal Arts (HU100) professors.

He said, “This semester I feel especially lucky to be teaching three courses that seem to me incredibly relevant to the present moment in American culture and society.” These include classes on US immigration history, American politics and an honors seminar based on the Princeton University philosopher, Harry Frankfurt's essay, "On Bullshit," which O’Malley said will help “arm our honors students with the intellectual equipment to evaluate the truth of any information they may encounter.”

Dr. O’Malley researches immigration history and is currently writing a book about Castle Garden, a pre-Ellis Island immigration station in Manhattan, operating from 1855 to 1890. Dr. O’Malley said, “I think my work has the potential to reframe the conversation about government's role in immigration as the officials that ran Castle Garden spent most of their resources on aiding newcomers, not on challenging their right to stay and deporting them.”

In addition to his book and his class curriculum, Dr. O’Malley’s work on immigration history is enhanced by his Newbury experience: “I learn a tremendous amount from Newbury's diverse student body. Many of my students have taught me a lot about the human side of what it means to go through the immigration experience and what it takes to adjust to life in a new country. My experiences at Newbury have affirmed my strong belief that immigration and the diversity that it brings are among the greatest strengths of the United States.”

Dr. O'Malley at President's Speaker Series - Fall 2016

Dr. O’Malley is an engaged member of the Newbury Community, working closely with other faculty members and speaking to campus as part of the President’s Speaker Series in the Fall of 2016. He said, “What I enjoy most about my colleagues on the faculty is that we share a common passion for the craft of teaching that unites us and creates a strong sense of community. We are all committed to constantly improving. I have learned a tremendous amount about effective teaching from them. The collective pedagogical wisdom embedded in this faculty is formidable!”

Dr. O’Malley received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Vassar College and his Ph.D. in History at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His other experiences include working with publishing companies in New York City as an editor who acquired academic history books, teaching history at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and completing a year-long post-doctoral fellowship at the New York Historical Society.

The Newbury Community is grateful for Dr. O’Malley’s contributions to the academic experience of the College and the positive influence he has on his students and the greater college community. 




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