Newbury Revises Liberal Arts Core Education

Newbury announced a revised liberal arts core education set for implementation in the Fall 2018 semester.

Newbury Revises Liberal Arts Core Education

Feb. 12, 2018 – Newbury announced a revised liberal arts core education set for implementation in the Fall 2018 semester. These changes to the general education at Newbury ensure students graduate with the skills and experiences to not only be competent professionally, but to also be engaged, ethical and enriched citizens. 

The new liberal arts core focuses on the appreciation and understanding of the human experience through a variety of subjects and lenses. Students will take classes in humanities, writing, literature, math, history, science, psychology, sociology, art and more for a multidisciplinary education serving as a foundation for lifelong learning and global citizenry.

Within the core, students will delve into four areas of study—Aesthetic Appreciation, Diversity and Identity, Ways of Knowing and Historical & Global Awareness—through chosen electives each year. Additionally, students will bookend their Newbury experience with humanities courses. First-year students begin with the introductory course HU100: Foundations of the Liberal Arts and seniors complete HU400: Capstone in the Liberal Arts to synthesize all areas of learning throughout their time at Newbury.

Dean of Faculty, Dr. Laurie Gordy, said, “The new liberal arts core will provide a more unified experience to students focused on key learning outcomes that employers desire such as: critical thinking, communication, diversity, global awareness, quantitative reasoning, and creative expression. I am excited about how this can provide a more meaningful and engaging learning experience for students.”

Additional details will be available to students as they register for the fall semester. In the meantime, these changes to the general education program will not affect currently enrolled students' progress towards graduation.

A unified general education affords students with the opportunity to explore and become knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. These changes to the core curriculum of Newbury expose students to a diverse education that contributes to personal growth and enriched citizenship.




About Newbury: Newbury College is a private, independent college located just minutes from Boston in the Fisher Hill neighborhood of Brookline, Massachusetts. Founded in 1962, Newbury College offers bachelor and associate degree programs in over 20 career-focused majors. Committed to personalized and experience-based teaching, Newbury inspires students to become independent thinkers, valuable collaborators, and global-minded citizens. 

Contact: Sarah Johansson, Communications Coordinator

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