Boston Globe Magazine Includes Two Newbury Alumni in List of Boston's Best New Restaurants

The Boston Globe Magazine released a list of 46 best new restaurants in Boston and alumnus Jason Santos and alumnus Dan Kerrigan made the list.

Boston Globe Magazine Includes Two Newbury Alumni in List of Boston's Best New Restaurants

Jan. 11, 2018 – Congratulations to two Newbury alumni, Jason Santos and Dan Kerrigan, who were featured on Boston Globe Magazine's list of 46 best new restaurants.

Jason Santos made the list twice, for his restaurants Buttermilk & Bourbon (ranking number 6) and Citrus & Salt (ranking number 8). Dan Kerrigan's restaurant Prairie Fire also made the list as number 25.

Read what The Boston Globe article has to say about these restaurants below:

Buttermilk & Bourbon

We’ve watched chef Jason Santos’s career evolve, from Gargoyles on the Square to Blue Inc. to Abby Lane to Citrus & Salt (see box at right). With New Orleans-influenced Buttermilk & Bourbon, the former Hell’s Kitchen contestant seems to have entered a new phase — one where he’s ready to have some fun. The menu encompasses honey-glazed biscuits, crawfish and lump crab soup with absinthe, BBQ shrimp, and fried chicken. Drink cocktails by black light in the Voodoo Lounge and let the good times roll.

160 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 617-266-1122,

Citrus & Salt

Beverly Hills meets the Back Bay in this loud coral-and-gold room presided over by madcap chef Jason Santos. With Buttermilk & Bourbon (see entry at left), Santos took on New Orleans. Here he tackles coastal Mexican cuisine with surprise touches, like blowfish tails and almond jam or crab tostadas showered with fried leeks. Bracing cocktails are just as wacky — Take Your Pants Off, Tears & Tequila — and best consumed in the low-lit Garden of Santeria in the back, with backlit murals and spongy sofas. Bachelorette gaggles and boozy thirtysomething birthday revelers, you have found your new oasis.

142 Berkeley Street, Boston, 833-324-8787,

Prairie Fire

The team behind Steel & Rye in Milton branches out to deliver just what Coolidge Corner needed. In the prime location that used to be Lineage, Prairie Fire puts its wood oven to good use, cooking oysters, vegetables, and especially blistered, crisp-edged pizza, topped with mushrooms, kale, and roasted leeks; fennel sausage, tomato, and cheese; and more. Come for the pizza, salads, and pastas; stay for the warm atmosphere and knowledgeable service.

242 Harvard Street, Brookline, 617-396-8199,


Image from original Boston Globe Magazine article, written by Kara Baskin, Devra First and Sheryl Julian and published on January 9, 2018.




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