Sport Management Program Launches New Podcast

Newbury's Sport Management program premiered a student-run podcast, The Nest Podcast, which discusses and analyzes current events in the sports industry.

Sport Management Program Launches New Podcast

Nov. 30, 2017 – Earlier this month, the Sport Management program premiered a student-run podcast, The Nest Podcast, which discusses and analyzes current events in the sports industry. The first episode also includes an interview with Dr. Brian Gordon, a sport management professor at the University of Kansas.

Dr. Porreca, Assistant Professor of Sport Management at Newbury, explained the podcast aims to get students more involved and allow them to utilize their skills in a real-life setting. He says, “The podcast provides the students with an opportunity to apply their learning and ability to critically think and discuss relevant sport topics in an organized setting. It is one thing to simply speak about sports, but the goal with the podcast is to talk about current happenings in the sport industry and be able to examine and analyze those events.”

Currently, six sports management students are involved in the production and facilitation of the podcast. They expressed they are excited to be involved in the podcast because it provides a new and unique experience that complements their classroom education.

Oscar Chavez ’20 said, “This opportunity has enhanced my Newbury education by exposing me to people who have found success in the industry. I find it very valuable to have the inside perspective of someone who has been in my shoes.”

All students involved are passionate about the sports industry and find the podcast a great outlet to share their interests. “This opportunity was so unique for the fact it gave someone like me the chance to display my love and knowledge of sports to the rest of the Newbury Community and others outside of it,” said Trey Carrier ’20. “We are not only learning in the classroom about the business of sports, but we are being involved in talking about it and getting other experiences we may not get in the classroom.”

Both Dr. Porreca and Dr. Brimecombe focus on providing opportunities like these for their sport management students. Dr. Porreca said, “A few larger universities, such as Columbia University, have a Sport Management program podcast, and we thought why not us too? Podcasting in general has taken off over the last few years, and it is a great way for us to showcase the talents of our Sport Management students and program.”

Brandon Ray ’20 emphasized the influence of Dr. Porreca and Dr. Brimecombe: “They have helped and guided me down a path that I want to form into my career. They have taught me valuable lessons that have helped me succeed in the classroom and what will make me successful for my career, in hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster.”

Congratulations to all involved on a successful first episode. Newbury continues to provide hands-on experiences for students to prepare them for a career after college.




About Newbury: Newbury College is a private, independent college located just minutes from Boston in the Fisher Hill neighborhood of Brookline, Massachusetts. Founded in 1962, Newbury College offers bachelor and associate degree programs in over 20 career-focused majors. Committed to personalized and experience-based teaching, Newbury inspires students to become independent thinkers, valuable collaborators, and global-minded citizens. 

Contact: Sarah Johansson, Communications Coordinator

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