Faculty Feature: Dr. Aaron Tillman, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Aaron Tillman, Associate Professor of English, HU100 professor and Director of the Honors Program has been an asset to the Newbury Community.

Faculty Feature: Dr. Aaron Tillman, Associate Professor of English

Sept. 27, 2017 – Dr. Aaron Tillman has been a part of the Newbury Community since 2010 and remains a dedicated and involved faculty member. Tillman is an Associate Professor of English as well as Director of the Honors Program and HU100 professor.

He says, “I love the students, and I love my faculty and administrative colleagues. It’s rare to work in an environment with so many dedicated people who know how to take the work seriously without taking themselves too seriously.”

Dr. Tillman is part of Newbury’s School of Arts & Sciences. He explains that Creative Writing is one of his favorite classes to teach: “It is exciting and inspiring to see how much creativity our students have, and it is enormously rewarding when our students share their work with the College.”

In addition to teaching English courses, Dr. Tillman is able to teach a wide variety of topics due to his involvement with HU100 and the Honors Program. He says, “As Director of the Honors Program, I have had the opportunity to develop and teach some wonderfully interesting classes. Currently, I am teaching a class on contemporary American music and culture. I am consistently impressed with the thoughtfulness and insights that the students bring to this class. They are a truly special group, and I learn new things from them every time we meet.” Other previously-taught subjects include contemporary American humor, U.S. ethnic magical realism, and a ‘good and evil’ seminar.

Tillman expresses how rewarding it is to be part of a College that emphasizes multidisciplinary learning and collaboration. “In both HU100 and in Honors seminars, faculty and students share in the learning process. We model active engagement, privilege a diversity of perspectives, and encourage our students to exhibit that same engagement for each other and for the class as a whole.”

In terms of the Honors Program, Tillman is given the unique opportunity to direct and work with students across disciplines as they develop their Honors Projects.  He says, “It is thrilling and rewarding to watch student projects come together and to see those students find their voices and share their creative and intellectual interests with the College community. I learn a lot about topics that I would not have known much about had it not been for these projects.”

Outside of Newbury, Tillman has published and received awards for many works of fiction, poetry, essays, and more. His collection of short stories, Every Single Bone in My Brain, was recently published by Braddock Avenue Books. He is speaking on this publication as part of Newbury’s President’s Speaker Series on October 26.

Tillman received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Hobart College, his Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and his Ph.D. in English from the University of Rhode Island.

Tillman has been an asset to the Newbury Community and has inspired many students during his time at the College. Overall, he says, “Collaboration and engagement are hallmarks of my Newbury College experience. Now that my eighth year is underway, it has been fun to reflect on the experiences that have enabled me to grow as an instructor, a colleague, and a person.”




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