Clinical Psychologist Dr. Marshaun Glover to Speak at Newbury

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Dr. Marshaun Glover

Thursday, March 22 from 1-2pm
Student Center Auditorium

Dr. Marshaun Glover, clinical psychologist and recipient of fellowships from Harvard, will be coming to Newbury College to speak about the motivating power of positive thinking.

His bio describes his mission in this way:
The conversation about how to help people adjust their beliefs and adapt to the perceptions of the pressures they experience in their daily lives has been paramount to helping people develop and conquer fears that stop them from living a more fulfilling life.  The same strategies and methodologies are available to all who desire to grow personally and professionally.  Dr. Glover has developed a way to apply these methods to students, entrepreneurs and artists to develop effective beliefs and habits that make them more successful in their endeavors.

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