New Tax Law and Implications to Charitable Giving

To the Newbury College Donor Community:

We have been watching the details regarding the new tax plan, which is about to be voted upon this week.  While it is a complicated tax bill to completely understand, many charitable organizations (including Newbury) have heightened concern with regard to the effect the new tax plan will have upon charitable contributions. 

If you are a taxpayer who itemizes on your tax returns, it probably makes sense to accelerate some of your charitable contributions for 2017 now to get a larger income tax deduction for your 2017 tax returns.  This is especially true if you will not be required to itemize your deductions for your 2018 tax returns.

Newbury depends on the generosity of its donor community to make so much possible at the College.  From financial aid to physical plan improvements, from academic support programs to the creation of new academic majors, Newbury needs your charitable donations.

Please consider making a most generous contribution, or additional contribution before 12/31/17. 

Every donation makes a difference!  Please click here to make a donation.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season!  Thank you for all you do for Newbury College!


Clare McCully
Vice President for Advancement

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