Newbury First

The NewburyFIRST program for first generation college student aims to provide holistic academic, social, and interpersonal development support for transitioning first year students. NewburyFirst students will meet bi-weekly for the entire 2015-2016 academic year with a strong focus on identifying student strengths in the hopes that these strengths support academic and personal confidence,enhance overall ability to access campus resources, lead to greater satisfaction and ultimately result in enhanced student success.

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to engage with many Newbury staff and faculty committed to serving first generation college students, get to know a diverse group of other new first generation students, and connect with first generation student leaders!

All participants of the program will utilize the StrengthsQuest assessment. StrengthsQuest™ is an online assessment which reveals a person’s top five (out of 34) talent themes. By becoming aware of these talents, you can grow them into strengths. Using StrengthsQuest, students will learn how their strengths can support academic skills development and goal setting, proactively problem solve and positively reframe situations and experiences so you are your best self.

  • Students in the NewburyFirst cohort will be assigned to the same First Year Academic Advisor and Peer Mentor
  • Students will meet biweekly for 60 minutes to engage in cohort discussions on strength development; academic and social resources and support; major choice and career development; and personal goal setting
  • Students will meet biweekly with their academic advisor to engage in personal Strengths coaching
  • Students will participate in no less than 15 First Year Experience programs throughout the academic year
  • Students will complete a Student Reflection Project
  • Students who successfully complete the program will receive a completion certificate and will be invited to a dinner hosted by President Chillo.

Program graduates will also be encouraged to participate in a leadership role to help support other first generation college students.

Thursday, September 3 Tuesday, January 19
Tuesday, September 15 Thursday, February 4
Thursday, October 1 Tuesday, February 16
Tuesday,October 13 Thursday, March 3
Thursday, November 5 Tuesday, February 15
Tuesday,November 17 Thursday, April 7
Thursday, December 3 Tuesday, February 19
Tuesday,December 15 Thursday,May 5

  1. Complete Advising Inventory
  2. Take StrengthsFinder: Code will be emailed to you.
  3. Complete the self-efficacy instrument (in class)
  4. Individual and group coaching sessions (as scheduled with program facilitator)
  5. An end of program reflection
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