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MBTA Discounted Semester T-Pass

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA, or the "T") is the public transportation system (subways, buses, trains, and boats) in the state. The MBTA Semester Pass is a benefit where you can get 11% off the MBTA monthly fare prices and unlimited rides for four months on the pass type that you choose, such as bus, LinkPass (bus/subway), express bus, commuter rail, and boat. Current Newbury College students can purchase a semester T-Pass for the fall (September to December) and spring semesters (January to May) through the College.

When will I get my pass?

When you place your order online you will have the option of having your order held for you to pick-up or to have it mailed to your address.  Orders are collected by Newbury College and then submitted to the MBTA in August (fall passes) and December (spring passes).  It usually take a couple weeks to arrive from the MBTA after the orders are submitted to the MBTA.  Once passes are delivered to Newbury College you will receive an email confirming your pass has arrived and if you want to pick it up or have it mailed to you.

Passes can be picked up from the Office of Residence Life, Student Center Room 107, Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm, excluding holidays.

Semester T-Passes (excluding Commuter Rail and Boat passes) will be issued on a hard plastic CharlieCard and will be valid for the semester it was purchased.  Commuter Rail or Boat passes will need to be picked up at the Office of Residence Life prior to the first day of each month.


A good alternative for bus or subway is to get a hard, plastic CharlieCard and add a cash "value" to the card. CharlieCards can be picked up at most MBTA stations and pass sales offices, and are free. Or, find a retail vendor near you that also sells CharlieCards.

Values can be added to the card at any MBTA station vending machine or added electronically through the MBTA's MyCharlieAccount option, which will also protect the card if it is lost or stolen.
Keep in mind that a single fare cost using a paper CharlieTicket is more expensive than adding a value to a reusable CharlieCard.

Get a CharlieCard Discount Book to find out where you can get discounts at stores, restaurants, health and fitness services, or arts and entertainment.

Monthly Passes

Prior to purchasing a monthly pass, consider the frequency and type of public transportation that you may need. A monthly pass is an excellent value, but first determine if the use will be equal to or greater than the monthly fee. For example, a popular pass for students is the LinkPass (unlimited bus and subway) which, at the current fare of $84.50 (one-way fares are $2.75), means you would need to ride the subway 30 times per month to justify the $84.50 fare. Monthly passes are valid for one month only while the cash value that you add to a CharlieCard can be used anytime. 

MBTA Website

The MBTA website is a great resource to use.  There is a trip planner feature under the "Rider Tools" folder that will help you know how to get to your destination, how much it will cost and how long it will take you. 

Check it out at  www.mbta.com!  

Reporting Lost or Stolen Passes

If you purchased and/or received an MBTA Pass from the College and it has been lost or stolen please see John Mayo, Director of Residence Life, SC107.  It can take up to 10 days for replacement passes to be received. If you need a replacement pass, you are responsible for paying the MBTA Fare until your new pass is received.

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