Leadership Academy

The program consists of eight workshops, and is designed to introduce students to some of the facets of leadership development. Each of the eight sessions lasts for 90 minutes; the program series, held weekly, will commence in late January and will be completed in early April. In designing the program, the central goal is to challenge and motivate you to learn more about yourself as an individual, and to apply that learning to the issues involved in developing personal leadership skills.

The number of participants in each section of the program will be limited in order to enhance conversation and interchange among the program members. The success of the program relies, in part, on the active participation of each student involved. Upon completion of the program, you will be invited to participate in a closing reception at which all Leadership Academy graduates who complete the program requirements will receive a certificate.

PARTICIPATE: Students are nominated by faculty, staff or current student leaders for participation. Nominated students will complete an online application.

PURPOSE: To introduce you to the concept of leadership and provide you with the opportunity to develop skills to become an effective leader.

  • To learn basic components of leadership development
  • To learn one’s own leadership style and awareness of other leadership styles
  • To learn components of leadership communication
  • To learn from the experience of others in an interactive learning environment
  • To identify strategies for individual decision making
  • To identify strategies for positive group dynamics and ways to lead and hold membership in groups
  • To identify components of a civil society and the relationships between leadership and community-building

Past program graduates are gone on to become: Peer Mentors, Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, Team Captains, Club/Organization leaders, Admissions Ambassadors.

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