First Year Experience

THE FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE (FYE) at Newbury College is a comprehensive set of academic, social, and educational programs designed to integrate new students into the academic and cultural community of the College. Utilizing a student centered approach; the goals of FYE are to provide resources and assistance in the transition to college, and to provide students with the skills that will help them succeed throughout their academic careers.

THE FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE connects students to the people, programs and resources necessary to provide a strong foundation for academic success and personal growth. All members of the first year community will demonstrate active involvement through the identification of campus resources, participate in residential and campus wide programs and activities that support social interaction and collaboration, and engage in self-reflection and goal setting aimed at overall student success.

The Newbury First- Year Experience BEGINS with integration in the campus community through the summer New Student Orientation programs and New Nighthawk Welcome Weekend programming.

It's been proven -- strong relationships and collaborative, supportive environments promote college success. Students will CONNECT from day 1 with upper-class orientation leaders and peer mentors, working alongside dynamic first year academic advisors and engaging faculty members.

And through various resources, presentations and activities, students will ENGAGE and experience the campus and greater Boston/Brookline Communities. Students will do this by attending speakers and workshops on study skills or financial planning, participating in community service or student leadership opportunities, or by engaging in residential or community programs on choice of major, career planning or leadership styles.

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