First Name Last Name Department Title Phone Email

Abramo-Merrill Student Accounts Bursar 617-730-7080

Abukasis Academic Affairs Academic Counselor and Disability Services Coordinator 617-730-7109

Agbeh Roger A. Saunders School of Business and Hospitality Management Faculty 617-730-7137

Jenny Aguiar Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid 617-730-7102

Shirley Alexander-Hunt Registrar Registrar 617-730-7111

Roberta Allison Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hospitality Management Faculty 617-730-7086

Daniel Amorim Campus Safety/Longwood Director of Campus Safety 617-730-7018

Patrick Argentina 

Admissions Admissions Assistant 617-730-7007
Michael Borrelli School of Applied Science & Human Services Faculty 617-730-7025

Michelle Brimecombe Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hospitality Management Faculty 617-730-7027

Lorraine Bucchino Student Accounts Student Accounts Counselor 617-730-7225


Butler Athletics Head Softball Coach 617-738-2478
Susan Chamandy Counseling and Health Education Director of Counseling and Health Education 617-730-7157

Joseph Chillo Office of the President President 617-730-7035

Pam Coffman Information Resource Management Media Technology Specialist 617-738-2425

Katie Collins Residence Life Director of Student Involvement 617-738-2495

Michelle David Admissions Admissions Counselor 617-730-7055

Megan Debolt Residence Life Graduate Assistant  617-738-2487
Amy Downing Human Resources Director of Human Resources 617-730-7174

Rich Fazzi

Athletics Head Men's Basketball Coach 617-730-7165
Alex Fernandez Food Services Director of Dining Services 617-730-7040

Brad Fogel Athletics Head Baseball Coach 617-730-7169
Arana Fireheart School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-738-2486

Jennifer Forry Student Affairs Dean of Student Affairs 617-713-5901


Frankowski Athletics Head Volleyball Coach 617-738-2482

Peter Galeno School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7256

Ellen Gallico Tutoring Center Tutor 617-730-7056

Laurie Gordy School of Arts & Sciences Dean of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer 617-730-7258


Haffey Office of the President Special Assistant to the President 617-730-7034
Charles Haggerty Information Resource Management Managing Director 617-730-7135

Dameka Halfkenny Financial Aid Associate Director of Financial Aid 617-730-7126

Paige Haringa School of Culinary Studies Associate Professor 617-730-7196

Jonathan Harper Athletics Executive Director of Athletics 617-730-7091

Jayson Hill

Athletics Coordinator of Sports Medicine 617-730-7115

Crystal Houston Facilities Director of Facilities


Matthew Konieczka School of Arts & Sciences Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 617-730-7075

Cait Lanza School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7069

Hannah Levertov School of Applied Science & Human Services Faculty 617-730-7021

Brian MacAuley School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7220

Deborah Mael School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7279

William Maddock Athletics Associate Athletic Director & Head Men's Soccer Coach 617-730-7223


Martin Athletics Athletic Trainer 617-730-7068

Paul Martin Administration Vice President & Chief of Staff 617-730-7155



School of Arts & Sciences Faculty n/a
Carlos Martinez School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7285

Jessica Midwood Accounting Controller 617-730-7125

Henry Morales Athletics Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach 617-730-7213

Rosemary Murray Registrar Associate Registrar 617-730-7110

Brendan O'Malley School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7019

David Pazmino School of Culinary Studies Faculty 617-730-7161

Alex Petrie

Admissions Director of Admissions 617-730-7003

Johnna Pike School of Applied Science & Human Services Faculty 617-730-7026

Edmund Poniatowski School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7287

Matthew Qualter Academic Affairs Director of Experiential Education and Career Services 617-730-7072


Rixham Athletics Director of Athletic Communications 617-730-7105
Sharon Roberts Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hospitality Management Faculty 617-730-7057

Alex Rodriguez Roger A. Saunders School of Business & Hospitality Management Faculty 617-730-7084

Christina Seth

Admissions Admissions Counselor 617-730-7088
Amanda Smolenski Residence Life Graduate Assistant 617-730-7010

Wing Szeto Information Resource Management Technical Support/Help Desk Technician 617-730-7252

Marc Taney Athletics Assistant Athletic Director & Head Women's Basketball Coach 617-738-2412

Lysa Teal Finance Vice President of Finance & Administration 617-730-7067

Cheryl Tessari Information Resource Management Network and Security Administrator 617-730-7138

Aaron Tillman School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-738-2415

Avi Tsapira School of Arts & Sciences Faculty 617-730-7136

Linda Zaitchik School of Applied Science & Human Services Faculty 617-730-7284

Campus Safety Office

  Campus Safety/Longwood Emergency Line (available 24/7/365) 617-730-7160  
Financial Aid Office   Financial Aid Financial Aid Main Line 617-730-7100

IRM Help Desk   Information Resource Management Help Desk Line 617-730-7252

Accounts Payable   Business Office 617-730-7121

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