Reverse Transfer Completion Option

Although Newbury College is no longer enrolling students, current students within 18 credits of completing their degrees can take advantage of our "reverse transfer" option where pre-approved students can take classes at other accredited colleges and transfer the credits back to Newbury. If students complete their credit requirements, Newbury will still grant degrees through the summer (by August 31st) and, in some cases, the fall (by December 31st) provided that official transcripts arrive to the college by August 23rd for August completion or December 23rd for December completion. Given potential administrative processing and mailing delays, it is advisable that you speak to the registrar at the college or colleges you are attending ahead of time to try and expedite the process of sending official transcripts as soon as the course or courses are completed.

There are many schools in the area offering summer classes either in person or online. To make sure that your courses will count toward your requirements, please complete the Transfer Pre-Approval Form, send to Associate Dean Matthew Konieczka at, and receive his approval before you register for course(s) at another institution. Once the course(s) on this form are approved, you are guaranteed that your course(s) will count toward your requirement(s) at Newbury as long as you earn a C or higher in these classes and transfer the credits to Newbury with an official transcript by the deadlines above.

Please be advised, if you plan on completing your requirements in the Fall semester (sometime between September and December) you must notify the Associate Dean by July 15, 2019. Arrangements need to be made ahead of time so we can plan for your transcript review and your degree. After December 31, 2019, Newbury College will no longer issue degrees via reverse transfer.

If you have any questions or concerns, again please contact the Associate Dean at

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