Meet the Admissions Staff

When exploring colleges, it helps to talk to as many college counselors as possible. Below, you can find each member of our admissions staff and find out who your own counselor is.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about the admissions process or the college in general. We would love to introduce you to all Newbury has to offer!

Paul Vaccaro

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Vice President for Enrollment Management

"I love being at Newbury because it allows me to be an advocate for the small private college.  In today’s educational landscape, schools such as Newbury – with smaller classrooms that lead to more personalized learning environments, with lower student-to-teacher ratios that promote greater interaction with faculty, and with closer-knit communities where you can truly be a name, not a number – continue to be viable and vital options for students seeking an opportunity and place to continue to learn."

Alex Petrie

Alex Petrie

Associate Director of Admissions

"Admissions gives me the opportunity to meet a wide range of people from all backgrounds. I truly love interacting with students and their families, hearing their stories, and helping them reach their academic, social and career goals. Since my first day at Newbury, I have been impressed with our students. There is a sense of pride and dedication to the institution. Students are passionate, professional, and focused on their academic goals "

Territories: Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, Worcester, Suffolk and Middlesex Counties in MA; Florida

Michelle David

Michelle David

Admissions Counselor

"I enjoy working in admissions because I believe that a person's college experience is going to help shape who they are for the rest of their lives, and I love to be a part of that process. I love working at Newbury because it reminds me of my own family- close knit, supportive and always thought provoking!"

Territories: Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Nantucket, Plymouth Counties in MA; Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York

Jane Haffey

Jane Haffey

Admissions Counselor

"My favorite part about working in admissions is interacting with prospective students and getting a chance to hear their stories. I enjoy working at Newbury because of the community feel and team work mentality. Everyone is so friendly and approachable!"

Territories: Norfolk County in MA; Transfer students, All Athletic Recruits

Christina Seth

Christina Seth

Admissions Counselor

"My favorite part about working at Newbury is our tight-knit community. Everyone, from the students to faculty to staff, is so welcoming and inclusive! My advice to prospective students is to visit campus to get the full experience and get a feel for what you are looking for in a school."

Territories: Essex County in MA; Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Texas, California and all other states and U.S. territories not listed

Samantha Varao

Sam Varao

Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

"I love working in admissions and being able to see the results of my effort just by walking on campus or attending an event. My biggest advice is to take initiative to complete your application, and to never hesitate to contact your counselor with any questions you may have."


Pat Argentina

Pat Argentina

Admissions Assistant

"I enjoy working in admissions because of meeting and greeting the new faces we see for tours or events. My favorite part is being able to help perspective students with the admission process and helping with any questions they may have. After my first day it was easy to see that working at Newbury was like a family. Everyone works together and helps each other throughout campus!"

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