Meet the Admissions Staff

When exploring colleges, it helps to talk to as many college counselors as possible. Below, you can find each member of our admissions staff and find out who your own counselor is.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about the admissions process or the college in general. We would love to introduce you to all Newbury has to offer!

Yavuz Kiremit

Yavuz Kiremit

Director of Admissions

"I love the sense of community at Newbury College [and] I love working in admissions because it gives me the opportunity to help students achieve their goal of going to college. My number one piece of advice is to start early and pay close attention to dates and deadlines. The whole admissions process is much less stressful if you don't scramble at the last minute to get things done."

Territories: Massachusetts (Suffolk/Middlesex and Essex counties), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Vermont, Transfer students

Shannon McCarthy

Shannon McCarthy

Associate Director of Admissions

"One of my favorite things is hosting Open Houses and Accepted Students Days: we introduce students and their families to the campus, the faculty, and current students, helping them see if Newbury is the right place for them! My advice is to submit an essay that tells us more than what's on your transcript. Your essay is the perfect place to show us something unique [and] why you're a great fit for Newbury."

TerritoriesMassachusetts (Norfolk/Bristol/Plymouth/Barnstable/Nantucket/Dukes counties), International students

Dustin da Ponte

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Admissions Counselor

"One of my favorite things about Newbury is the sense of community around campus. Everyone from the students, to the faculty and staff, make Newbury a special environment to be in! My advice is to visit campus during your admissions process. Visiting campus is the best way to get a first-hand view of everything the college has to offer."

Territories: Massachusetts (Berkshire/Franklin/Hampshire/Hampden/Worcester counties), Florida, All Athletic Recruits

Christina Seth

Christina Seth

Admissions Counselor

"My favorite part about working at Newbury is our tight-knit community. Everyone, from the students to faculty to staff, is so welcoming and inclusive! My advice to prospective students is to visit campus to get the full experience and get a feel for what you are looking for in a school."

Territories: Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, Texas, remaining states outside of New England

Samantha Varao

Kristen Gallant

Samantha Varao
Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

"I love working in admissions and being able to see the results of my effort just by walking on campus or attending an event. My biggest advice is to take initiative to complete your application, and to never hesitate to contact your counselor with any questions you may have."

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