Vice President for Enrollment - Paul Vaccaro

As Vice President of Enrollment Management, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Newbury College, where we pride ourselves on assisting families in their college selection process. Ultimately, that process comes down to finding the right fit – academically, socially and financially. Students who find that right fit at Newbury share a number of things in common.

They are drawn to the many benefits of attending a small school, including the chance to receive a highly personalized education where you are a name not a number, opportunities to get involved - and stay involved – from your first day on campus, and being able to have a voice and make a real impact on our institution.

They are drawn to our location, minutes from Boston, and being be part of America’s College Town and all that comes with it from attending sporting, theatre and cultural events to historical, dining and nightlife experiences galore.

They are drawn to our very robust financial aid and scholarship packages, where we’re attempting to make college an affordable reality for families.

And they are drawn to an overall academic experience that makes them Real Life Ready when they graduate, by not just learning, but learning by doing, in relevant majors that are meeting marketplace demand and with Boston serving as our backdrop for internship and job connections.

If you have not already done so, I invite you to visit our campus and see for yourself what it means to be part of close-knit and caring community known as Nighthawk Nation and if Newbury College represents the right fit for you.

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