Dean of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer - Laurie L. Gordy, Ph.D.

Academics at Newbury

At Newbury College, challenging academic majors cover many different career fields of growing importance around the globe. As expressed in the College’s Mission Statement, students who graduate from Newbury College are expected to be ethical professionals and engaged citizens. Therefore, the faculty has established degree requirements for all students that include not only professional courses but also courses in the liberal arts. The goal is that all graduates will have developed professional competency in their chosen field in addition to the liberal arts skills of communication, critical thinking, mathematical literacy, ethical and analytical reasoning, and knowledge of the diversity of human experience. Through balanced curricula, Newbury endeavors to produce graduates with the problem-solving skills necessary to manage their careers successfully in a changing world and to be active global and community citizens.

Faculty members are an essential component of the high quality of a Newbury education. Not only are the faculty dedicated and passionate teachers, many are also experienced practitioners in their disciplines. In Academic Affairs, we emphasize active and engaged learning -- both inside and outside of the classroom. Small class sizes allow for a more student-centered learning environment. Faculty and staff are committed to providing a challenging, vibrant, and supportive learning environment.

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