Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)


In the Fall of 2015, Faculty members at Newbury College, using the President’s Innovation Fund, established a center focused on teaching enhancement, titled the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT). This center allows for faculty to collect, share, and use data to continually improve and assess their teaching, and to focus on the interpersonal issues that are at the heart of successful teaching.

CELT is housed directly across from the entrance to the Student Success Center in the Academic Center building, which allows participating members to create productive synergies between faculty, student, and staff in an environment of learning and enrichment and is aligned with improving student success and retention.

As the group grows and develops with new hires and through promotion, this Center will provide support, peer coaching, and peer mentoring opportunities. This will help faculty members succeed in the classroom by giving them opportunities to work together outside of it. As faculty move toward greater ownership of faculty development and formative assessment, this Center will provide resources for collaboration and models one of our College outcomes -  namely, that we want to inspire our students to develop into lifelong learners.

Prior to its creation, Newbury faculty were already working on a number of initiatives that now fall under the purview of CELT and are currently housed in the Center including:

  • Addressing challenge and rigor in the classroom
  • Measuring student perceptions of their learning through the creation of Internal surveys by Faculty Senate
  • Sharing resources about signature and information literacy assignments
  • Developing a library of resources for assessment of faculty teaching
  • Formalizing opportunities for faculty to share new pedagogical and research ideas based on conference attendance, both in disciplines and related to teaching more generally
  • Strategizing ways to create engaging classrooms, whatever the delivery model: face-­to-­face, hybrid, online
  • Fostering interdisciplinary connections, including learning communities and team-­taught courses
  • Bringing together materials to support faculty members applying for rank promotions
  • Supporting faculty initiatives in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)

As part of CELT’s inaugural year, the group is dedicating themselves to organizing and implementing a Pedagogy Seminar to meet every month during the 2015-16 academic year. At this monthly seminar, they will take turns facilitating discussion on a chapter from Eight Essential Questions Teachers Ask - a book that is focused on important pedagogical issues in communicating with our students, and is particularly salient at an institution that aims to put students first.

The ultimate goal of these seminars is to allow participating Newbury College faculty members to have an ongoing conversation about the “big questions” involved in teaching, while also offering the opportunity for consistent support, fellowship, and connection during the course of the academic year.

To learn more about CELT, contact the CELT Faculty Coordinator for Fall 2017, Carlos Martinez at 617-730-7285 or [email protected]

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