Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management - Online

Academic Program Mission Statement:

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management prepares students for leadership and management roles in the growing hospitality industry, as well as for graduate study. The curriculum provides a theoretical and practical foundation in hospitality management, balancing core educational requirements with in-depth business and professional courses. Students will explore all aspects of the hospitality industry, including organization and staffing, accounting and industry regulations. The program places strong emphasis on the value of customer service, whether the focus is on hotel operations, dining services, convention/meeting planning or overall management policies. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a professional environment while gaining valuable industry experience.

Student Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the interpersonal, conceptual, and technical skills needed to work in the diverse service industry in a global marketplace.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the operational fundamentals of the hospitality industry.

  3. Retrieve, understand, critique and apply relevant information in the hospitality field. 

  4. Display the ability to communicate pertinent hospitality information as a means of motivating employees and informing management. 

  5. Practice a belief in the important of ethical behavior, social awareness, and professional conduct in the hospitality industry. 

Recommended Course Sequencing


CS118 Spreadsheets & Introduction to Databases 
EN105 Advanced English Composition *
EN206 Introduction to Literature
FS212 Catering Management
HR102 Front Office Operations
HR103 Introduction to Hospitality Management
HU100 Foundations of Liberal Arts **
HU103 World History: 1500 to Present
MH204 Pre-Calculus *
Ways of Knowing Requirement ***


AC101 Principles of Financial Accounting
AC102 Prinicples of Managerial Accounting
HR203 Sales for the Hospitality Industry
HR210 Convention Management
HR299 Hotel & Restaurant Internship I or 200-level (or higher) Hotel & Restaurant Elective
PM200 Human Resource Management
SC103 Principles of Biology (4 credits)
SC232 Environmental Science
Historical & Global Awareness Requirement ***


FS201 Food, Beverage, & Labor Controls
HR310 Global Hospitality Operations
HR341 Special Events Management
HU305 Ethics
MN410 Leadership & Teamwork
MN325 Organizational Theory & Behavior
200-level Hospitality Elective
Diversity & Identity Requirement ***
Electives (2)


HR350 Wedding & Social Events Planning
HR405 Seminar on Hospitality Issues
HR410 Revenue Management
HR415 Legal Issues in Hospitality Management
HR440 Event Production, Logistics, & Technology
HR499 Hotel & Restaurant Internship II or HR498 Hotel Management Case Study Thesis or 300-level (or higher) Hospitality Elective
HU400 Synthesis of Liberal Arts
Aesthetic Appreciation Requirement ***
300-level (or higher) Elective

Total Credits Required For Graduation: 122

* by placement
** If you have 15 or more accepted transfer credits, you may replace HU100 with an Arts and Science elective.
*** See course catalog or this page for a listing of courses. 

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