Minors Available for the School of Arts & Sciences

Students enrolled in a Bachelor Degree program at Newbury have the opportunity to declare a minor course of study. A minor allows you to supplement your degree with courses in an area different from you major as a complement to your major. To pursue a minor, students must take a minimum of 15 credits in that discipline. A 2.0 average in all minor courses is required to graduate with a minor.

Communication Minor

  • CO103 Introduction to Mass Communication or CO114 Media & Modern Society
  • CO125 Digital Storytelling or CO107 Introduction to Radio
  • CO201 Writing for Media
  • 2 additional Communication courses (“CO”): 1 200-level or higher and 1 300-level or higher

Computer Science Minor

  • Any 2 of the following courses:
    • CS105 Computer Science I
    • CS106 Computer Science II
    • CS117 Applications and Presentations
    • CS118 Spreadsheets and Introduction to Databases
  • CS225 Concepts in Networking
  • 2 additional Computer Science (“CS”) courses at the 200-level or higher

English Minor

  • EN206 Introduction to Literature
  • 4 additional English courses (“EN”) at the 200-level or higher

History Minor

  • HU103 World Civilization Modern
  • HU232 US History to 1865
  • Any 2 History courses at the 200-level or higher from areas outside the US
  • 2 additional History courses: 1 at the 200-level or higher and 1 at the 300-level or higher

Mathematics Minor

  • MH204 Pre-Calculus
  • MH216 Statistics
  • MH220 Calculus I
  • MH230 Calculus II
  • MH240 Calculus III
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