Bachelor of Arts in English

Academic Program Mission Statement:
Newbury College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis on literature, culture, and diversity. In promoting awareness of cultural diversity in the study of language and literature, engcouraging creativity, fostering proficient student writing in an age of digital communications, and making appropriate contributions to general education to other College prgrams, the faculty serve a function central to the College's mission. The College mantains a diverse, highly-qualified faculty committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service, attracting a diverse population of students of high quality who will graduate as independent, critical readers, thinkers, and writers. The faculty are actively involved in planning, articulating, administering, and assessing the aims of the program and in pursuing outreach programs and interactions among faculty, staff, students, and community. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyze literary and rhetorical documents in historical and cultural contexts.
  2. Understand and employ the techniques and conventions of advanced scholarship in the field of English. 
  3. Apply appropriate rhetorical language and critical theory.
  4. Collaborate with peers to develop, draft, and revise focused, well-organized, creative, and coherent work. 
  5. Synthesize a diversity of ideas to develope and support an independent, discipline-specific project. 
  6. Identify, articulate, and enact strategies to secure employment or admission to graduate study in fields related to English. 

Recommended Course Sequencing


EN105 Advanced English Composition *
EN115 Literature & Popular Culture
EN205 Creative Writing
EN206 Introduction to Literature
HU100 Foundations of Liberal Arts ** 
HU103 World History: 1500 to Present
MH204 Pre-Calculus *
Ways of Knowing Requirement ***
Electives (2)


EN209 Foundations in World Literature
EN214 American Literature
EN224 New Voices in American Literature or 200-level (or higher) Literature Elective
EN225 Shakesperean Drama
HU233 United States History from 1865
SC103 Principles of Biology (4 credits)
SC232 Environmental Science (4 credits)
SS107 Introduction to Sociology
Historical & Global Awareness Requirement ***


EN229 Contemporary World Literature
EN268 Literature & The Immigrant Experience
EN363 Topics in Cultural Literature
HU123 History of Film
HU305 Ethics
SS215 Sociology of Gender or SS217 Race & Ethnicity
200-level or 300-level English Elective
Diversity & Identity Requirement ***
Non-United States History Elective ****


EN365 Topics in Genre Literature
EN367 Topics in Period, Movement, or Major Author Literature
EN495 Capstone: English
HU228 World Mythology
HU400 Synthesis of Liberal Arts
300-level English Elective
Aesthetic Appreciation Reqirement ***
Electives (3)

Total Credits Required For Graduation: 122

* by placement
** If you have 15 or more accepted transfer credits, you may replace HU100 with an Arts and Sciences elective.
*** See course catalog or this page for listing of courses.
**** Non-United States History Courses: HU212 History of Modern China, HU240 Emergence of Latin America, or HU320 Topics in History (Non-U.S. History Only)

Please see course descriptions for prerequisites. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.

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