School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences offers a broad selection of courses which provides students with a strong foundation in liberal arts as well as preparation for professional careers.

The School offers degree programs in Communication, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Liberal Arts, Graphic Design, and Interior Design,  as well as minors in Communication, Computer Science, English, History, and Mathematics. The curriculum reinforces students’ ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and present information so that they may meet the demands of contemporary life and work.

In addition, all degree programs at the College contain general education core requirements that are taught by faculty in this School. Courses in humanities, sciences, social sciences, English and Mathematics enrich the curriculum and promote students’ critical reasoning and information literacy skills. Students can select from courses that allow them to expand their knowledge, explore subjects of personal interest, and develop an awareness of their roles as community members and world citizens. Ethical awareness, learning about diversity, and engaging in self-reflection are some of the hallmarks of classes offered by this School.

Mission Statement

The School of Arts & Sciences at Newbury College provides students with a rich liberal arts education that prepares them to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate productively across a diversity of fields. In the spirit of creative and intellectual inquiry, we foster an inclusive environment that promotes ethical and global sensibilities, and inspires a commitment to contribute to the common good.  

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