Minors Available for the School of Applied Science & Human Services

Students enrolled in a Bachelor Degree program at Newbury have the opportunity to declare a minor course of study. A minor allows you to supplement your degree with courses in an area different from you major as a complement to your major. To pursue a minor, students must take a minimum of 15 credits in that discipline. A 2.0 average in all minor courses is required to graduate with a minor.

Criminal Justice Minor

  • CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • LW229 Criminal Law
  • Any 1 of the following courses:
    • CJ201 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
    • CJ205 Evidence and Court Procedure
    • CJ221 Criminology
  • 2 additional Criminal Justice (“CJ”) courses: 1 at the 200-level or higher and 1 at the 300-level or higher

Cybercrime Minor

  • CS/CJ114 Introduction to Cybersecurity, Criminal Justice, and Law
  • CS/CJ240 Cybercrime
  • CJ311 Terrorism & National Security
  • Any 2 of the following courses:
    • CJ305 Victimology
    • CJ306 White Collar Crime
    • CJ412 Security
    • CJ422 Selected Topics in Criminology
    • CJ/CS433 Computer Crime Investigation
    • CS360 Principles of Computer Security
    • CS440 Computer Forensics & Ethics
    • CS450 Network Defense and Firewalls
    • HR232 Security & Risk Management
    • LW215 Justice, Law & Ethics

Gender Studies Minor

  • Any 2 of the following courses:
    • SS215 Sociology of Gender
    • SS320 Women in a Global Context
    • PS247 Human Sexuality
  • Any 2 of the following courses:
    • PS330 Women’s Issues
    • PS332 Men’s Issues
    • SS315 Gender, Class, and Race in the Media or any new/piloted course with a primary focus on gender
  • Any 1 of the following courses or any additional credits from above:
    • MN332 Women in Business
    • EN327 Women’s Literature
    • PS367C Special Topics in Developmental Psychology: Gender

Psychology Minor

  • PS101 Introduction to Psychology
  • 2 additional Psychology (“PS”) courses: 1 at the 200-level or higher and 1 at the 300-level or higher
  • 2 additional Psychology (“PS”) courses: at any level

Sociology Minor

  • SS107 Introduction to Sociology
  • Select any two of the following Social Processes and Institutions electives:
    • SS210 Sociology of Deviance
    • SS218 Sociology of Families
    • SS238 Disasters: Realities and Myths
    • SS315 Gender, Class, Race in the Media
  • Select any two of the following Diversity and Social Justice electives:
    • SS208 Social Problems
    • SS215 Sociology of Gender
    • SS217 Race and Ethnicity
    • SS320 Women in Global Context
  • At least one of the four elective courses must be a 300-level course.
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