Bachelor of Science in Business Management - Health Care Administration Concentration

Academic Program Mission Statement:
Health Care Adminsitation is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and one of the largest according to the Department of Labor and Statistics. Access to quality health care is essential to society. The health care administration field involves the planning, delivery and promotion of medical services across a diverse population. The Health Care Administration concentration provides students with skills in leadership, organizing, directing and coordinating the delivery of health care services. Students and faculty model the type of working relationships needed for the ever changing health care industry. The Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Health Care Administration prepares students to enter a variety of challenging and growing careers within hospitals, clinics, medical offices and insurance companies through a current and creative curriculum followed by a required internship.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of self, society and the delivery of health care services.
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive professional knowledge of health care management, including marketing, finance, insurance and policies and regulations.
  3. Thoughtfully access and analyze information and to make sound management decisions.
  4. Communicate effectively through an awareness of the physical, emotional, cultural and economic factors impacting health care patients and those working within the health care industry.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of cultural diversity and the broader community on decisions affecting health care delivery and coordination.
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of ethical behavior and knowledge of the legal aspects of health care administration when confronted with decisions affecting the of health care organization.

Recommended Course Sequencing


AC101 Principles of Financial Accounting
AC102 Principles of Managerial Accounting
EC102 Microeconomics
EN105 Advanced English Composition *
HA102 Principles of Health Care Administration 
HU100 Foundations of Liberal Arts **
HU103 World History: 1500 to Present
MK105 Principles of Marketing
MH220 Calculus I *
Ways of Knowing Requirement *** 


AC204 Principles of Finance
EC103 Macroeconomics
EN206 Introduction to Literature
HA215 Health Care Ethics & Law
HA240 Introduction to Epidemiology
MH216 Statistics
SC103 Principles of Biology (4 credits)
SC232 Environmental Science (4 credits)
Historical & Global Awareness Requirement ***


HA203 Heath Care Economics
HA305 Financial Management for Health Care Organizations
HA307 Health Care Delivery Systems
HU305 Ethics
MN325 Organizational Theory & Behavior
MN352 Business Research Methods
Health Care Administration Elective
Diversity & Identity Requirement ***
Electives (2)


HA302 Marketing for Health Care Organizations
HA425 Health Care Regulation, Policy, & Politics
HA499 Health Care Administration Internship or HA498 Health Care Administration Bachelor Thesis or 300-level (or higher) Business Elective
HU400 Synthesis of Liberal Arts
MN405 Strategic Management
MN421 Operations Management
Health Care Administration Elective
Aesthetic Appreciation Requirement ***
Electives (2)

Total Credits Required For Graduation: 122

* by placement

** If you have 15 or more accepted transfer credits, you may replace HU100 with an Arts and Science elective.
*** See course catalog or this page for listing of courses. 

Please see course descriptions for prerequisites. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.

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