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Academic Support Services

Our mission is to assist students in developing the skills and strategies to perform as confident, independent, and active learners. Programs and services are designed to help students respond effectively to specific academic challenges, to articulate their own educational goals and to succeed at their chosen level of the curriculum. This mission is accomplished in an environment that is respectful and supportive.

What We Do

Our staff offers a range of services to help students achieve academic and personal goals. The staff includes the Associate Dean, academic counselors, several faculty members, professional tutors and trained student tutors. We have found that students who consistently use our services have a better chance for success.

Mary Barrow Tutoring and Learning Center

Students can request tutoring for all courses. We can help with specific assignments and review of course content, writing papers, math skills, efficient reading comprehension methods, study techniques, and ways to enhance memory and concentration.
Students may drop by or make appointments for individual or small group tutoring sessions. Faculty members may refer students to the Center for tutoring.  The Tutoring and Learning Center is open Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Students may schedule evening hours by appointment.

Writing Assistance

Students can receive help with all types of writing assignments, from short essays to longer research papers. We can help at every stage of the writing process, from choosing a topic, through drafting, revising, and editing. Help is also available for word processing / computer application skills.

Disability Support Services

Each semester, we work with students with physical or learning disabilities. Accommodations and services may include reduced course load, extended time/alternative testing, readers and scribes, individual proctoring of exams, and learning strategies instruction.

Academic Counseling

Professional academic counselors meet individually with students who require structured academic support. These include students who are not meeting academic progress standards, first-year students identified during the admission process, and others who request this service. Counselors provide assistance with goal-setting, study skills, time management, and learning strategies instruction. The staff is available to help all students address academic concerns, whether these relate to coursework, curricular requirements, or individual learning needs.

Dean of Student Success

Anne-Marie Kenney
Telephone: 617.730.7158

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