Three-Year Bachelor Degrees

Newbury College President Joseph L. Chillo LP.D. recently announced the new, Newbury College Three-Year Degree program. Beginning in fall 2015, Newbury will cap tuition for program participants at $45,000 total. Qualifying students can also apply for State and Federal aid to further reduce the expense, as well.

Three-Year Bachelor Degree program participants will lock into a three-year price guarantee of $15,000 per academic year. This new path to graduation is designed to cut more than $75,000 off the current cost of a Newbury College degree, reducing tuition by more than $16,000 per year. This represents a savings to students and their families of approximately 54 percent.

Participating Majors:
The Three-Year Degree program includes all Newbury College majors except for Computer Science, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Culinary Management.

Program Requirements:
Newbury’s Three-Year Bachelor Degree program is based on the 120-credit hour graduation requirement model. The program will consist of six semesters over three years during the traditional fall and spring academic year, and two separate years of summer sessions.

Incoming students must graduate from high school with a 3.50 GPA average out of a 4.0 to qualify for admission to the new program. Newbury also will make the program available to current students who meet eligibility requirements on a case-by-case basis.

For More Information:
Interested to learn more about the Three-Year Bachelor Degree program? Contact our Admissions staff at 617-730-7007 or at [email protected] to discuss your eligibility for the program.

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