Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

Mission Statement:

Through the Liberal Arts Curriculum at Newbury College, students encounter the diversity of the human experience through multiple lenses. In learner-centered classrooms, students actively explore diversity and culture, aesthetic appreciation, historical and global contexts, quantitative reasoning, creative expression, and critical inquiry. Through this multidisciplinary inquiry, students are empowered as lifelong learners to make ethical decisions, become engaged global citizens, and enrich their lives and those of others.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the liberal arts program at Newbury College, students should be able to:

Aesthetic Appreciation
Explore, analyze, critique, and articulate how literature and the arts give voice to and provide perspectives on the concerns of humans across time and culture.

Diversity and Identity
Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, perspectives, and ways of living locally and globally, while valuing our shared human experience and the importance of social justice for all people.

Ways of Knowing
Think carefully, critically, and ethically about perennial questions surrounding human existence.

Historical & Global Awareness
Demonstrate a knowledge of how societies across the globe have changed over time, used different approaches to meet human needs and challenges, and how these developments have shaped the present world.

Creative Expression
Articulate, edit, and communicate ideas in a chosen medium (written, oral, visual, etc.) to create compelling arguments or perspectives that respond effectively to context and audience.

Mathematical & Scientific Reasoning
Solve problems using quantitative methods.and cultivate scientific perspectives on contemporary issues.

Liberal Arts Core Curriculim:

Please click here to download a copy of the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, including a listing of courses that fulfull the area requirements. 

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