Honors Program

The Newbury College Honors Program offers qualified students a multidisciplinary, academically challenging, and intellectually stimulating supplement to their studies. The goal of the Newbury College Honors Program is to offer academically gifted and highly motivated students the chance to express and expand their intellectual creativity and to develop their academic potential through group and individualized programs of study. The Honors Program is open to academically qualified full-time students by invitation, either at the time of their enrollment at the College or after they have completed one year at the College.

During their first year, honors students will enroll in one 3-credit Honors Seminar per semester. These seminars will be structured around a theme chosen by the instructor and will emphasize discussion and shared inquiry. Students will explore and analyze topics in diverse disciplines and will participate in extracurricular cultural and social learning experiences. In their second year, honors students will enroll in a sophomore Honors Seminar, earning 2 credits in the fall semester and one credit in the spring.

Meetings during the spring semester will focus on topic selection and research skills for the 3-credit Junior Honors Project, which will be undertaken in the third year. As juniors, students will have the opportunity to do extensive research and writing in a topic of interest to them, supervised by the Director of the Honors Program and consulting faculty. Honors seminars and projects will be graded, and students completing the program may earn a total of 12 credits which may be applied toward Arts and Sciences electives, Humanities/Psychology/Social Science electives, or open electives.

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