Be prepared to be a part of the 21st century workforce.


Newbury provides a career-focused education grounded in the liberal arts to prepare students for the dynamic 21st century workforce. With over 20 academic programs among 4 different schools, Newbury helps students begin a wide variety of career paths.

Newbury wants all students to achieve their dreams of earning college degrees and offers many programs to fit with students’ unique needs. These include traditional associate and bachelor degree programs, evening & online programs, three-year degrees and more. The nationally-recognized Student Success Center provides resources and support to students to ensure their success in their academic programs.

At Newbury, we realize that career preparation does not occur exclusively in the classroom, which is why we integrate experiential education into all of our programs. Newbury hires faculty members who are experts in their fields and has a successful Experiential Education & Career Services Center to get students the real-world experiences that they need.

Administrative Assistant - Academic Affairs

Cyn Simonoff
Telephone: 617.730.7210

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