Career-oriented education developing skills you need for life after college.

About Us

Newbury College provides a meaningful education inside and outside of the classroom. Founded in 1962, Newbury has always sought to provide students with a career-oriented, experiential education. Beyond academics, Newbury’s mission is to encourage lifelong-learning and engaged, socially-responsible citizenship.

Located just outside of Boston in the Fisher Hill district of Brookline, Newbury offers a dynamic college experience. Find the perfect academic program in one of our four schools, get involved in one of Newbury’s many clubs or activities, join one of the 15 intercollegiate athletic teams or work out in the new Chawla Fitness Center.

Newbury is here to help you succeed. The College not only offers resources and programs to help you graduate and find a career you love, but works to give you a meaningful college experience that extends beyond the classroom. Hear from President Chillo in a Welcome Message or his President’s Blog and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Admissions staff!


Telephone: 617.730.7007

Office of the President

Telephone: 617.730.7034

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